Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Down time.

It's funny - some days unschooling means more hands on from me.  More energy from me.  More opportunities provided by me.

Other days it means I need to get out of the way.

Today has been one of those days.

The kids have been watching Iron Man and Diego and Dora.  We had tae kwon do class for Jonah.  Maeryn colored and painted and worked on counting.  Jonah worked multiplication problems. 

I watched Iron Man with the kids and we had popcorn together (I think it's becoming a tradition...this popcorn thing). 

I asked if anyone wanted to walk to the mailbox with me or water the garden.

Both kids said no.

We cleaned up the house a bit. 

We talked about the fire raging in Virginia that is smoking its way across the river to our little neighborhood. 

We had lunch.

But here I am blogging, and they are happy.  They are content.  They are thriving.

Maybe I should be pushing more activities or strewing more new objects or demanding time outdoors - but the things is, I see the progress in them without the exhaustion on my part.

Is this a new step or just a new season?

Time will tell.

In other news, The Boy is missing his two front teeth  :)

1 comment:

Stan Cardwell said...

Steven and Elyse raising the next Alex P Keaton? :)

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