Friday, September 23, 2011

A Little of Today.

This morning was spent at the library - Jonah at a weather event where he made tornadoes in a bottle and played with prisms - Maeryn with me playing computer games, checking out books, playing with other kids, and experimenting with the whisper tube (our library is COOL).

We made a pit stop for fast food (it's true...sometimes the call of the cheese fries is just too much for me and my organic, whole foods self) and ate in the car.

At home we played with sidewalk chalk and...

A little of this, with some lollypops and coloring thrown in for good measure.

Jonah rode his scooter around the block about fifty times while Maeryn and I read books from the library.  Jonah joined us when the rains came, and we all enjoyed this.

During the sidewalk chalk, I was fortunate to mosey outside and discover, to my wonderment, our very first, ripe, heirloom tomato - dangling and heavy and ready for harvest.


Deborah said...

Effect on tomato pic = cool!

Missy said...

:) Thanks! Picassa :)

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