Thursday, September 15, 2011

What About School?

And then there's that whole...Jonah is going to school thing.

Am I happy about it?


Am I happy if he's happy?


We had a family conference awhile back (okay, like four days ago), and Jonah said he was planning to stay at school longer.  He said he wanted another check-in in October.  I'm cool with that.  It's right before an unschooling camping event we're planning on headed to and also right after report cards, so I feel like it would be a good time to transition, or at least to make a decision.

He's been relatively happy.

I don't hate anything about it...except the homework.

My kid is in "second grade" and his homework takes literally 2.5 hours a night.  Part of that is him taking a break to get a snack or drink or whatever - but another part is that it really is a lot of work for a kid.  As a teacher, I learned that a child should be assigned ten minutes of homework for every grade - so that means my kid should have twenty minutes of homework a night.  He's supposed to read aloud to me for twenty minutes a night, so I figure he shouldn't have to do anything else.  Too bad we have math worksheets and spelling activities and spelling words on top of that. 

We've explained that we're not enforcing homework, but we're happy to help if he wants help.  He asks for help every night.

Some nights are easier than others.  He ALWAYS wants to do it.  ALL of it.  He wants to do the school thing all the way or not at all, basically, so Michael and I take turns and try to be patient even though we look at the "busywork" and cringe inwardly (okay, sometimes outwardly, too). 

Jonah is also super involved with other activities.

Yes, I know the there is this whole "my child shouldn't be over-scheduled" mentality. 

For me, in elementary school I was involved in:  scouting, softball, piano lessons, dance, children's choir, Sunday School, and more.  I thrived on all that get up and go.  I enjoyed going from thing to thing.  I loved spending time with diverse groups of people and learning new skills. 

Jonah is currently involved in:  tae kwon do, swim team, dance, and cub scouts.  He has something going on after school most nights of the week.  I hate the homework and that it conflicts with what I'd consider "real life", but I'm happy he has these other activities about which he feels passionately.  I feel blessed that we have the resources to take him to these activities.  I'm happy that his face is SHINING when he comes out of the studio or the do jang or the gym. 

In other news...

Maeryn is taking dance lessons as well.  She LOVES it.  I'm happy for her.

Last night, Jonah said, "Mama, I think I'm quitting school soon."  I hugged him and told him whatever he needed to do was fine.  He said, "Yeah, it's kind of boring."

I smiled and turned out his light.

A season for everything.  Everything in its time.

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Heidi Jo the Artist said...

Somehow we’ve had such negative opinions of school, especially since hubby taught that our opinions have molded the kid’s views of school. S-never plans on going. C-thinks it would be fun to ride a school bus. And D-is still a baby. I’ve explained the good and the bad and they DO like their free time. That is nice that you have let Jonah make the decision to go, he’s seeing it for what it is and he’ll have no regret about not going in the future if he so chooses.

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