Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chinese Lanterns, Changing Seasons.

Embracing unschooling has taken my life for such a beautiful turn in so many ways.

Yesterday, Maeryn and I made Chinese Lanterns together.  It's an incredibly easy craft inspired by this game on Nick Jr's website. 

The lanterns are lovely and simple, and I love imagining them filled with light, casting a soft glow on our family and our home.

I love the crispness of the fall air as it descends on our area - the change of the sky, the different angle of light, the black-eyed Susans dancing in the wind.

I'm inspired to be outside, to take long walks, to ditch the fossil fuels and take my bike and the stroller and my own two feet. 

On Tuesday, Jonah decided to come back home. 

We talked about his feelings of stress.  We made a list of pros and cons.  We prayed together.

We talked about how it is we can know what God wants for us, and where we are treading on the path He has laid.

I was inspired by our conversation - it wasn't me talking, but the Spirit through me:

"God has laid out a path for everyone, all different paths, all different obstacles, all different twists and turns.  When we follow our passions, and use our gifts, we are staying on the path God laid for us.  He knows what we need, and will give us the skills and lessons to do those things.  Following our passions is how we are able to get clues about our path.  God doesn't tell us what the end of the path will be like, he just tells us where to put our foot to take the next step.  We can get clues from other people, or from The Bible, or through prayer and God speaking to us directly.  We can listen for God's small voice in the middle of all of our crazy thoughts - it's the one that sticks out, the one that is peaceful when we are stressed and feeling crazy."

We prayed over our pros and cons list for everything Jonah is involved in.  We talked about which things could happen with less stress.  We focused on solutions, rather than problems, and Jonah came to the conclusion that the best thing to do would be to stay home from school.  And so...  he did.

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