Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Heart Full.

My heart is so full today.  So big.  So breaking.

My two kids are sick - one with a consistent cough.  One with a runny nose, slight fever, and down in the dumps tiredness.  I'm trying to make today peaceful.

Jonah is on his second cup of tea with honey.  Maeryn is in her fuzzy star pants chillin' on the couch with Diego on the tube.

I've found a little tribe.

It's an internet tribe.  A little tribe of Christian Radical Unschoolers.  It makes my heart so happy to know that there are more like me out there, that there are people I can talk to who are in the same ship, sailing the same ocean...

I saw a blog entry from a wonderful friend about her current life.  There is no one on earth I am more happy for.  She has a new marriage, she is starting a new business - so many new things and so much love.

A family I love dearly is having trouble with balance, with finances, with school things - I pray for them and my heart swells again...

I am so in love with the people God has placed in my life.  Even the woman who has consistently tried to upset me and mine, who forced this blog underground...  I saw her comment on a friend's blog and I wish she knew how I pray for her daily.

God is so good.

Just a few days ago the kids and I were picnicking in the backyard.  It was a gorgeous day - not too hot and not too cold and the sky was blue and clear and lovely.  I kept thinking as we sat there together that if nothing else from our lives together, I wished for my children to remember this day.  Us sitting in the sunshine and sharing lunch together and smiling and laughing and running in the grass with bare toes and snapping pictures of one another.  I fell in love with my children again and again and I will always look back on that picnic with more fondness than I ever thought possible in one lifetime.


Jackie said...

This post made my heart so happy, Missy. Love is so brilliant. The image of you watching your kids play in the sunshine and remembering it in 10, 20 years made me cry happy tears... my desk at work.

Thank you for that.

Missy said...

<3 Love is beautiful. Tears are worth it. Love you, Girl!

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