Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What we're into:

Quick update and fun links to our current doings:


Working on the bus - finished filling floor holes and painting the floor to cut down on rust issues:
Fond memories of Bondo:

Writing music and thinking through this whole musician thing along with digesting current events:

Gigging at a local artists' festival, working on set and lighting designs for The Caucasian Chalk Circle, and trying to re-focus on Bible study.


Working on solidifying a director's vision for The Caucasian Chalk Circle, acting in that same local artists' festival in a one act by a local playwright, thinking about writing, teaching acting classes, cooking local foods, and an awesome Bible Study keeping my nose in Genesis.


Spending days working with LEGOs:

Considering marine biology, planning to see this movie:

earning is white stripe in tae kwon do, gaining independence, swimming with the big kids, and delving into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (we're reading The Goblet of Fire together).  He also got a big book about Merlin from the local used book store.


Writing and identifying letters, secretly reading words, hanging out in her underwear, drawing...and painting and drawing and painting and painting and drawing!  Imagining with Little People and stuffed animals and building playgrounds from blocks for plastic dinosaurs.  Ballet.  And tap...but mostly ballet.

Dreaming of learning to fly:


Jackie said...

I only hope I am given a daughter as fantastical and beautiful as yours.

*disclaimer: not to say that I wouldn't fully love a boy (especially one as wise and sensitive as yours), but my heart yearns for a house full of girls*

Missy said...

I was afraid to have a girl at first, but now I 'get it' a little bit more and it's fantastic! :)

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