Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spreading the Word...

I feel a little guilty.

I seem to be better at sharing about Unschooling than about sharing my faith - or at least about how I feel they intertwine.

Last night I had coffee with another mom.  Her daughter is one of my acting coaching clients and Michael tutors her in pre-calc and chemistry.  She knows we're unschoolers and since her daughter is struggling with school, she was interested in learning more, getting my perspective, etc.

Thought we did talk about faith for a brief minute, it was about an umbrella program that requires Biblical studies, and not as much about our spirits.

It's strange.

I have the same trepidation with sharing both, honestly, with people about whom I am uncertain.

I know all of the anti-unschooling arguments. 

"But don't we have to learn to jump through hoops that we don't like in order to be successful?"

"But what if they don't do anything?"

"If I allow my kid to do what they want all day, they'll just play video games."

Heard 'em.

I'm actually not all that great at articulating a response yet.

It's just something I KNOW.  I need to get better at talking about it.

The funny thing is, I'm much better prepared to share my faith and answer THOSE questions, and yet I end up talking to people MORE about unschooling.

I think it's because people think they know what there is to know about Christianity, but unschooling is new and different.

For me, though, they loop and twine around each other.  They are both lifestyles.  They are both lifestyles that belong to our family.  Freedom has been a lesson for me for the past two years.  Freedom in Christ and what it means about the world around me, about the "system".  About the government and compulsory education and the clothing on my back and the food I eat and the purchases I make...

Everything twines together.  It's about Love.  And thus, it's about YHWH. 

I pray that I will have the courage to share how I see these things twining together in my life, that I can explain I am who I am because of I AM. 

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