Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in Pictures.

Our Easter Tide began on Thursday evening.  We celebrated the Passover Seder at our house and ended with communion, footwashing, and a check at the front door for the Second Coming of Christ.  
We had an egg hunt.  Each egg contained a letter (piece of a puzzle).  The kids worked together to put the puzzle together, which told them where to find their baskets.

Maeryn found a toy horse in her basket.

Jonah found lots of jellybeans.

This is me trying to get a good pictures for the grandparents.

I guess this picture is okay?

Maeryn bringing her basket back to the house after pictures.

Jonah posing with his jellybeans.

Maeryn devouring her chocolate bar.

And Jonah with a purple peep.

He is risen indeed.

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