Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day in the Life.

When she woke up, Maeryn wanted her face painted like a tiger...

Then she took a turn painting my face.  I'm a tiger lily  :)

We made vegan cinnamon rolls.  A-mazing.  We added icing later.

Thus far, summer has been...  good.

We are still in our house.  The bus is moving along more slowly than we'd like.  Michael is still working at the same old job...  but we're living life.  We're doing what we do.

We spent much of this same day at the beach with friends - exploring the shore and catching crabs, jellyfish (oh, yes!), and watching minnows swirling over one another close to the shore-line.  The day was the perfect temperature.  The sand cool, the water brisk, the sun sparkling.

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