Sunday, September 16, 2012

Celebrating Love.

There are few people in my life who have taught me as much about Love as Hanniel.  You've seen her featured on the blog before.

Yesterday was the celebration of her marriage.

She and Mike have already been married a year, but they put off their big shindig until yesterday - and it was worth the wait.

We met a myriad of lovely, artistic, and amazing people as we feasted on pioneer fixins and swayed to the beat of the live band. 

It was truly a celebration of love, joy, peace, and all things Hanniel and Mike.  Bare feet were encouraged.  There was fresh bread and wheels of cheese and homemade carrot cake that Hanni finished decorating live.  Home brewed beer rounded out the buffet.

We played checkers and bocce and croquet and talked about ideas and projects and unschooling.  Our kids were treated like the People they are.  There was comfort.  There was real live joy.  All a wedding should be.

There are few people as dear to me as Mike and Hanni.  I have learned much from sharing life and coffee with them over the years.  They are truly beautiful people.

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