Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine Day in the Life.

I snapped pictures while we iced our cookies.  So far, it's been a great day!  On the agenda for tonight?  Make a ton of Valentine's for our Homeschool Group party tomorrow afternoon and bust open our Valentine Box with cards we made for the entire household! 

Lovin' it!

My mini-goals for Valentine Week:

1.  Make cookies with frosting.
2.  Decorate and use a Valentine mailbox.
3.  Talk with the kids about Saint Valentine.
4.  Get paper and scissors and gluesticks for the homeschool group V-day party.
5.  Think about more fun things to do!
6.  Read some V-day books with the kids.

Mini-Goals for Today:

1.  Fold laundry (laundry is so often on this list...  endless.)
2.  Go to the P.O. Box and check for Valentine goodies from afar!

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