Monday, February 25, 2013

Bus Update! (photo heavy)

I went to visit my family in PA while Michael stayed home and worked super hard on moving the bus closer to move-in time.  Here are the fruits of his labor (I was so happy I did a dance - I didn't know cabinets could be so cool!):

Maeryn got "Wolfster" in PA.  She wanted a pic of him hanging out in the dinette.

This is our pantry - it's my favorite thing so far!

A shot of the kitchen.  All cabinetry and shelving is FINISHED.  We will be adding a counter-top and some finish and paint.

Trash + recycling.  It's on wheels.  Yeah. 

Medicine cabinet and some built in shelving below.

A better shot of the built-ins below the medicine cabinet.

Custom drawers.

Maeryn in her room - everything got new lighting!

Silverware drawer with storage above and below (all of this built in to the dinette benches).

A very excited me.

Jonah in his bed.  Still needs some work.

Maeryn in her bed (photo-bombing by Wolfster).

Jonah's room.

Maeryn took this shot of Michael and me.  I don't care that it's blurry, it's the happy that counts.
We still have work to do on the bus.  Yes, this project has taken almost two years so far.  We never thought it would take so long, but it is WORTH all of the time, effort, and sweat so far.  The bus is HOME.  The entire family agrees - we can't wait to move in permanently!  There are still many obstacles to overcome to get to where we want to be.  We have no idea what God has in store - where will we be six months from now?  Will Michael find a job where he can travel?  Will we un-job?  Will we end up staying here, ditching the bus, and buying a new house?  Time will tell.  Right now, we are overjoyed to be at this milestone in our process. 


T Peter said...

It's nice that Michael had one of those automotive supermodels around for the cabinet shots.

Missy said...

Awww - you're the best, Pete!

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