Monday, February 11, 2013

The Celebration of St. Valentine

Valentine is celebrated as patron saint of marriage, couples, travelers, and more.  He is best known for performing marriage ceremonies for Christians in the 200's, when it was considered a crime against the state.  After his arrest, he tried to convert the emperor, and was condemned to death, stoned, beaten, and be-headed.

We celebrated his LIFE though February 14th is the anniversary of his death in 262 AD. 

My mini-goals for Valentine Week:

1.  Make cookies with frosting.
2.  Decorate and use a Valentine mailbox.
3.  Talk with the kids about Saint Valentine.
4.  Get paper and scissors and gluesticks for the homeschool group V-day party.
5.  Think about more fun things to do!
6.  Read some V-day books with the kids.

My mini-goals for today:

1.  Fold this mound  of laundry.
2.  Finish the laundry in general.
3.  Maintain a positive attitude and outlook.

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