Friday, January 25, 2013

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

Our family is thinking about buying a new car.

This may be an extremely foolish decision, considering we aren't exactly rolling in dough, and we are really truly hoping to still get the heck out of here, but our kids are SO darned busy it seems like something that might need to happen.

We are balancing a ton of things here.  We know that when we "find our spot" we will likely need to be a two car family.  We are not looking to live somewhere that never drops below freezing.  We like snow and sledding and ice skating too much for that nonsense, so though we'd like to cycle most places as much as we can, we currently have a four year old who we don't feel safe taking out on the big road and like the rest of us, she is one busy lady.

We decided that if we were going to buy something, it would have to be four wheel drive (all the spots we love are snowy!) and it needed to be under $1500.  We don't want to have a payment.  If we can't save up and drop cash on it, then forget it.  Debt sucks.  And we'd like a Jeep Cherokee.


The day after we decided all of this, we saw a Jeep Cherokee for $1000 sitting outside our friends' apartment complex.  A sign?  Or a need for self control? 


1.  Mail Spring ARGH payment
2.  Make it to all activities on time
3.  Do something fun and relaxing as a family this evening.

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