Sunday, March 10, 2013

So. Close.

We are so close to moving into the bus on a permanent basis I can taste it.  (Really - there is sawdust everywhere, and likely also in my mouth...  I was scraping it off of my eyelids last night before I went to bed.)

My hands are covered in dark walnut stain.  My jeans are a different color from kneeling in the dirt and on the pavement, finishing cabinet and drawer fronts.

Michael is ordering our counter-top tomorrow.  We're getting it from a local Amish woman who usually makes cutting boards.  We asked her if she could make a countertop like her cutting boards, and she said yes.  Her cutting boards are gorgeous - so much colorful wood, different kinds nesting together...  I look forward to having her handiwork in my kitchen.

There is still SO much work to be done.  All of the finishing.  Construction is complete (minus the bathroom, which we've had to make our last priority for financial reasons).  Now it's time to make it lovely and comfy and even more home-like than it already is.

I'm excited.  I'm scared - scared we won't finish in time to move in to our new home.  Scared that things won't change the way I hope they might.  Excited that something is finally moving in our lives. 


- Successfully complete several tasks during today's business meeting with Michael.
-  Bring something to the Irish potluck tonight.
-  Go grocery shopping.
-  Start using affirmations to look at life in a more positive way.

Todays Affirmation:  Michael will find a job he loves that will allow us to travel.

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