Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Highlights from our first parking spot.

We've been living here over two months now and it has definitely become our home.  We've made friends with our neighbors and made use of our leisure passes and taken long bike rides and chases ducks.  I've been using my phone to snap pictures as we go about our days.  This isn't everything, but it's some of the highlights of our lives from April - June 2013.

Jonah and Maeryn have been taking riding lessons since last fall.  Both have advanced quickly and are now trotting regularly at lessons.  Jonah has taken an especial interest in advancing to an elite level once we find our permanent spot.

Life in the bus requires less time on the internet due to cellular connection only, so we do a lot of gaming on the phone.

Maeryn and I attending the Fairy Festival at AnnMarie Gardens and tasted some blue raspberry popcorn by local vendors.  We had a ton of fun checking out all of the fairies, gnomes, art, and tiny enchanted houses.  We got our faces painted and frolicked to fun percussive music in the rain.

Our current location has gorgeous beaches and sunset views.

Our kitchen table is small, but extremely well loved and oft used.  Not a second goes by in the bus when the table isn't housing some new project, drawing, story, or game.

Our leisure passes allow us free unlimited pool use.  The pool includes two water slides and a diving board, not to mention four awesome pools.  Jonah and his robot friend venture there on their own almost daily.

We found this snake skin at the beach.  It touches the ground behind Jonah's feet.

This past weekend we went to Washington, DC and took in the National Gallery of Art as well as the Natural History Museum.  We have visited both before, but there is always something new to learn about and see.  Our favorite part this time was the ballet demonstration by the Washington Ballet at the Gallery.  Jonah was excited two see several dancers with whom he shared the stage at his performance in La Bayedere (he performed as a leopard with his ballet school last weekend and was granted a solo performance - the school hired guest professional dancers in a few of the lead roles). 

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