Monday, June 17, 2013

Maeryn's Baptism

My daughter is amazing and beautiful in every way.  I was so privileged to be a part  of this incredible day.  I realize now we have zero pictures of all of the people who came.  It was just... perfect.  So, even though you are not pictured, to Deborah, Brian, Shelley, Chris, Diane, Russ, Kate, Mick, Hanni, Terri, Sophie, Bruce, and Dawn - thank you for your presence (not to mention Pastor John, who is totally pictured).   Thank you for the lovely gifts and cards to Maeryn.  Thank you for all of your support in her life so far.  Thank you.

Prayer before.

Out into the water.

John asked her if she wanted to say anything.  Maeryn was shy.

I have been contemplating my baptism for years, and a couple of weeks ago, John offered to give me the opportunity to be baptized at Maeryn's event.  I was baptized as an infant, but have no memory of it, of course, and feel strongly that this was an experience I needed to have.  It was the perfect time, since we are preparing to leave on this journey on Saturday.  It was a marker for my life.  So necessary.  Something about my faith is more complete.

There was so much muck at the bottom of the river I had to take off my flip flops.

I threw them to the crowd.

I didn't realize how happy I was.

The moment.

Refreshed and fulfilled.  Ready for the journey.

Laughing with John was we try to get ourselves out of the muck.
Maeryn hanging out at the potluck picnic following her baptism.  Holding her lion from our friend Hanni.

Words can't express my gratitude to our friends, family, pastor, and Creator for this special day.

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