Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I wanted to post before we got too far into this journey about the bittersweetness of the week prior to our departure.  The fumbling to finish unfinished things.  The desperation to see everyone, to hug everyone, to make time for everyone even though there truly wasn't enough time for everyone.  The celebrations.  The tears.  The photos.

One of the hardest goodbyes was to our homeschool group.  A place of acceptance and love that has carried our family through hard and lovely times.  Moms that get it.  Friends to always cherish.  Kids who truly love my kids as family.  Deep relationships.  Real relationships.  Shoulders to cry on, hearts always open.  I got to shoot some photos of the kids with some of their closest friends.  Looking at them today my eyes are feeling a bit on the moist side.  Old friends are beautiful things.  These are the first of old friends for my children.  The first friends they will truly miss.

As we were talking with others about our departure someone said that our kids were so young leaving wouldn't be a big deal for them.  "They'll forget those kids so fast.  Kids are resilient.  They adjust."

The thing is, I remember moving when I was under seven and I remember my heart aching for the close friends I left behind.  I missed the unconditional acceptance of those friends.  The sleepovers and the huge bowls of mac and cheese and the late night movies and the exchanging of best friend tokens.  Children are whole people.  To talk about them as though their feelings aren't real or aren't important is age-ism, and sad.

To speak as though their adjustment and survival proves that those friends weren't real to them is simply wrong thinking.  Kids don't have the same resources as adults to stay in touch with the people they care about.  It will be important for us to find ways of communicating with all of our friends from Maryland.  All of those people who we love.

Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver
And the others gold.


TCallihan said...

Oh tears from our side too! We are so very excited about your adventures though. I still remember my friends from early elem. age. We are always going to have you close in our hearts!

andekat3 said...

This is SO true. I am so excited for your new adventures and the future you are going to build, but I am sad for the things and friends you are leaving behind. HUGS!

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