Monday, July 8, 2013

With the Super Moon.

This weekend was the Solstice, full moon (super moon).  An incredibly auspicious time.  Perhaps the most auspicious time of the entire year.

Photo Credit: Jeff Smallwood

After our sometimes frustrating hotel stay while the our tanks were welded to the underside of the bus, we ended our time in Southern Maryland with a Solstice Party at Trish and Susan's house - our amazing friends with a gorgeous cottage-y beach house on the water.  Many theatre friends came.  We sang and played music and joined hands at sunset.  There was a bonfire.  Marshmallows were roasted.  The moon rose large and beautiful over the water.  We stayed up talking late into the night and shared fruits for breakfast in the morning.  We chatted about our creative endeavors of the future and the present.

And then we left the "Enchanted Cottage" and drove to Lowes, where we parked for the afternoon while Michael wired the bus (Billy) to trail Sally (the car).  I ran errands - all sorts of crazy errands - tying up every possible loose end for our former residence.  Michael worked and burned a bit in the hot sun.  We shared Wawa sandwiches and strawberries and waters and said goodbye to more amazing friends.  Hugs were shared.  And tears.

In the evening, we finally shoved off.  It didn't feel like goodbye.  It felt like...  a sort of buzzing anticipation.  We drove over the bridge and stared across at the water.  There really is nothing like Southern Maryland at sunset.  We had lived there for a little under eleven years.  And now...  we are homeless - but always home.  Striking out into new territories, blazing trails in a most figurative sense.

For the next week we will reside at Michael's parents' house near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It's a bit of an ease into our trip, these first few weeks.  I'm still looking for fun things to do and places to go and see.  Michael is swinging into the rhythm of working from home.  We had a fun date yesterday to Wegmans, where we got groceries and dinner (SO much yum) and then picked up a tow bar for Sally from a guy on Craigslist (the one we used on the way here was a U-haul rental).  Rain pattered on the car roof.  The bus parked in a friends' yard.  Us trying to make sense of where our lives have taken us and are taking us in the future.

An auspicious time.


T Peter said...

Here's to many happy, safe, amazing adventures for my awesomest friends (don't tell the rest of my friends, though :). Let us know when/if you're in the area and we'll make you pancakes or something else delicious.

Sheilaspot said...

Hope you are having a great adventure. You are missed here and always welcome "home". Sheila

andekat3 said...

We love you guys and can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead! There are sure to be many. <3!

kellidunn said...

It's finally happening!!!! :) I am SO excited for you guys! God answers prayers!

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