Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Frank's Famer's Market

We put off getting groceries for far longer than I would recommend, and when the cupboards were truly bare of all edibles minus Poptarts, we figured we should probably go to Giant Eagle.  Maeryn was excited about this prospect because when we visit my parents, she loves to go to the "Eagles Nest", which is a free service provided by the Giant Eagle people for kids nine and under.  It's basically free babysitting on steroids.  You sign your child in to the "nest" and they get to play with tons of cool toys, video games, art projects, and more.  You get a nifty walkie talkie to accompany you around the store in case your child needs you.  It's pretty boss.

On the way to Giant Eagle, I noticed signs for Frank's Farmer's Market and I desperately wanted to stop.  I'm a sucker for farmer's markets.  I can't help it.  They're local and beautiful and you get to talk to the people who grew your food, which is rare in our culture in this day and age.  And Frank's...  oh, Frank's was a whole other kind of beautiful.

Seriously, how could you pass this place up?

Those brilliant flowers wrapped around the entire building and line the parking lot - just that deep, just that colorful.  I wished we could buy bunches and bunches of them to hang everywhere.

Of course we only bought produce.

...and an orange locally bottled soda for Jonah and a cake pop and homemade cupcake for Maeryn.

And blackberries.  Which are technically produce, but criminally tasty, so I'm not sure I can count them on my healthy list.

A photograph of the blackberries is unavailable due to me eating them immediately due to their epic deliciousness.

We also went to Giant Eagle.

And there was an Eagle's Nest.

And my children were ecstatic participants.


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