Friday, July 19, 2013

Skating Adventures

We're currently hanging out in northwestern Pennsylvania and checking out all the local scenes.  This afternoon we hit up a local family fun center: skating, laser tag, pizza, soft pretzels, arcade, and giant playground = pretty flipping awesome.  They closed at 4 PM to get ready for their teen scene skate from 7:30 - 11 PM.  We were all a little sad the fun had to end.  Pricing was super reasonable, conditions were not very crowded, and there was truly something for everyone.  Like cappuccino, for example.

The "Play Pen".  I sent this photo to Michael while he sat home working.  This was probably a mean thing to do.

Jonah prepping for the climbing wall.  Oh yeah, there was also a climbing wall.

Clipping in.

The ascent. 

Taking a break from in-line skating around the snack bar.
Jonah also gave his phone number to a girl.  Who is NOT his girlfriend (just super cute).

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