Monday, July 22, 2013

Lake Erie

I lived in Western Pennsylvania for the entirety of my childhood, but never had the opportunity to visit Lake Erie, so we made it one of the stops on our journey.  In fact, I have never seen any of the great lakes, until now.

After leaving my parents' house, we headed north to Erie, and settled in to a very temporary home (one night) about twenty five minutes from the lake.  The campground was more like a big parking lot, and though there was a swimming pool and a small arcade, it left a lot to be desired - but, I prefer this to Wal-mart's parking lot, so no complaints.

After checking out the bathhouse and making a few stops to pick up final fittings for Billy's toilet, we drove to Presque Isle State Park, and one of the many beaches on Lake Erie.

We chose The Lighthouse Beach, which is unguarded, mostly because we absolutely needed to get out of the car, and went exploring.

The lighthouse is private property, but there is a great photo op if you're willing to walk a bit.  Maeryn and Michael hiked there while Jonah and I hung out on the beach.

There may have been a splash fight.

I was just happy to get out of the car.

Maeryn while hiking with Michael.  She's the one in the rainbow pants.
The lake is gorgeous.  I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't this.  Clean blue water, smooth colorful pebbles, soft brown sand...  it was like a hidden lagoon from a movie, only vast and populated.  We took our time playing, splashing, and building castles.  I can't wait to come back!  We plan on many beach days this week.


Unknown said...

Hi kids! I hope you make it to lake michigan! if you plan on going to michigan, go this summer and go to grand haven and you can camp out down town at the grand haven state park! they have sugar white sand, a board walk through the whole downtown and lots of wonderful water to swim in. I'm thinking of you guys alot!

TCallihan said...

We were just there at the first part of June. It was one of my favorite parts of our vacation and I found a super cool heart rock on the beach. So happy you are having fun!

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