Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living in New York.

The cast and crew left... and it was us.  Just our family.  In the Big Apple.

And so we started exploring Adventure Mobile style:  livin' like we live here.

So we hit up the local playground scene.

We found an amazing playground on Water Street with a spray park and all these cool interactive gadgets - some famous architect created it with the idea that the kids would make their own playground from all the moveable tools and objects and pipes and whatnot...  and they do!

We also hit up Central Park: the ultimate in playground scenes.

We figured we would just let the kids run wild awhile after buying some ice cream and orange sodas from a street vendor, and there were these great big rocks right in front of us so...  of course we climbed all over them - as did hundreds of other families and teens and adults from all walks of life.  I love that about NYC: diversity.

When we got to the top of the rocks we saw: the ultimate playground.

Of course I didn't take a picture - so you'll just have to imagine:

Water running through every path, slides and concrete tunnels and grassy knolls and rubberized play surfaces with no apparatus where you could just run and wrestle - a giant sandbox - tire swings and regular swings and more slides - ones with twists and ones without twists - spray grounds and fountains and a clown with balloon animals...

And so we played.

The kids got soaking wet.

We dried them.

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Unknown said...

You guys, that just sounds amazing! and so much fun!

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