Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New York Style

Maeryn needed a little help with the New York style crust :)

After the Sam French Festival we were booked in the city for a few more days, so the cast and crew (and our kids!) went to The Hummus Place for some grub.  The kids did not like hummus... so we ended up at pizza. 

The people at the pizza joint were super nice and super helpful.  They made accommodations for Jonah's allergies and Jamie (our stage manager for Field Guide) came over to hang with the kids so we could go back to The Hummus Place and have our dinner (ordered prior). 

That night the kids and Michael went to bed and I chilled out with Trish, Hanniel (a former student now living in Harrisburg, PA, who has appeared in my blog frequently in the past, and who bakes good things and creates amazing things and who is a stellar actress in her own right), Jamie, and Billy over blush wine and jalapeno chips and talked philosophy and religion and stayed up until 3 AM (or so). 

Those nights when there is little sleep...  I think there's a song about that...  those are the night's most worth remembering.

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