Monday, August 12, 2013

The Chess Effect

After we found Autumn Leaves and purchased the Harry Potter chess board, chess became a staple activity on the bus and around town.  We played just about every where, at many times of the day.  Jonah taught a few kids in the campground to play, and toted the HP board all over creation. 

Here's a shot of us playing at Friendly's (we asked for a big table):

Maeryn got in on the action every once in awhile, but mostly preferred watching, indulging, and coloring.

Thus far, Jonah has soundly beaten me twice.  He has not yet beaten Michael.

Both Michael and I got chess for our Droids and I've beaten the computer a total of once after much chagrin and yelling.  I did not throw the phone.  I did squeal with delight when I won.  I am not ashamed of this.  Neither of the male types in the family have beaten the computer.  I have not rubbed it in.  Much.

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