Friday, September 20, 2013

Acadia: Day 1

Acadia: the first national park in the East.

This was one of my bucket list items for the trip.

The rocky Maine Coast.  The epic trails.  The climbing.  The tide pools.  Ah... to me... this was Maine.  I was so excited I could barely stand the sixty minute drive to the park.

Michael took off work two hours early so that we could spend more time exploring.  I could live here.

After a visit to the Visitor's Center, this was our introduction to Acadia.

Many of these photos are from Thunder Hole - above is the actual Thunder Hole, where the sea sounds like thunder as it smashes into the tunnel walls and air rushes to meet the waves.  Maeryn and Michael actually climbed up to the cliff overlooking this cave - much to the horror of onlookers.

Michael on the rocky coast

A panoramic view.

In my glory.

Maeryn and Michael, the family daredevils, climb to a higher point on the rocks.

Maeryn and Michael on the rocks as the sun begins to set.

"Seagull!  Seagull!  Go to that rock!  Seagull!  Go to that rock!  Do it!  Do it NOW!  Seagull!!!"

The seagull did not listen.

That's me way off in the distance - and Maeryn on the right.

I wanted to touch the water, so I trekked through the slimy kelp forest.

And I reached my goal.  Jonah and I especially enjoyed exploring the tide pools.

My turn to climb to higher places.

Jonah climbed in spite of his fear, and texted his friend, Ireland, from the highest rock.

After Thunder Hole, we drove up to the top of Cadillac Mountain to catch the remnants of the sunset. 

The top of Cadillac.

Sunset ends.  Jonah wearing Michael's hoodie in the foreground.  Michael carrying Maeryn piggy-back farther on.

Our cell phones couldn't adequately capture the beauty of our descent in Sally down the mountain.  Lots of noise due to the threatening darkness - but I think you get the idea.

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