Saturday, September 21, 2013

One is Silver...

Bangor was an amazing answer to prayer.

I've said it before, but it warrants saying again.

I had prayed earnestly that my children would begin to make connections and find good friendships.

And it began with Tiffany, who left on Wednesday.

And it ended with Ian, Connor, and Alyssa, who left as we left, on Saturday. 

Ian, Connor, and Alyssa came to Bangor from New Brunswick, Canada, and Maeryn has informed us that she wants to move to Bangor for two reasons:

1.  For all the snow in the winter.
2.  To be close to her new friend. 

Our families hit it off immediately.  There were tears as we departed.

The kids shared movies and pool time and secret clubs and hideouts.  They played on the playground together and ran up and down the gravel road in front of our RVs.  They gave us a cool geocache animal that will be following us for at least part of our journey. 

It was so nice to make such a positive connection.  Nice for all of us.

It's so good to have friends.

Goodbye message on Jonah's chalkboard, just outside his bedroom.

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