Saturday, September 7, 2013

Every Little Thing...

 So when our efforts to connect when bust...  we looked to ourselves to make things right again for our kids.

Michael made pancakes for breakfast.  And at Jonah's request...  a giant pancake as big as the pan.  10 inch deliciousness!

I challenged the boy to a game of giant chess.  We've decided giant chess is a must have for our next yard.  Seriously.  You want one, right?  I won, but only barely.  The kid is getting good.

Maeryn gave me a make-over.

She's decided to pursue a career in fashion design.

She pulled out my bag of theatrical make-up and gave me some foundation (blended really perfectly, I might add) and some purple eyeshadow.  She also added two headbands and some "bracelets" to the array.  Later, we'll have to have a fashion show.

In the meantime... let's make some homemade cookies.


Summer said...

Tell her I would like a headband made please? I want one. And maybe a bracelet?

Summer said...

Tell her I would like a headband please! I would also like a bracelet or two! :D

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