Tuesday, October 15, 2013

All the Birthdays and A Visit with Grammy and Pap

These were Jonah's birthday cupcakes...

After spending time in Southern Maryland, we backtracked to Northwestern Pennsylvania to pay a final visit to my parents, and for Michael to install a sound system at my dad's church (their sound system needed some serious help).  This week happened to also include Dad and Michael's birthday (yep, they're the same day) and fall exceptionally close to Jonah's - so Mom and I decided to have a big combined birthday party while we were there.

Mom baked a yellow cake with chocolate icing - our family's favorite when I was growing up.  Jonah, of course, couldn't partake (egg and dairy allergy), and so I made him vegan cupcakes.  I'd made them many times in the past...  this time, for some reason, they didn't turn out so well (see above).  He was a serious trooper and ate one (all dough in the middle) with icing smeared on top.  He even said it tasted good!  Best son ever.

Throughout the week we were all able to let our guards down a bit and chill.

Jonah practiced skateboarding.  He hadn't had the board out since we started the trip.  Grammy and Pap's driveway provided excellent opportunity.  He also made great use of the hills and valleys featured in the church parking lot down the street.

Maeryn read with Grammy.

I think they both had a great time! 

We had a special girls' day with Maeryn.  She got a hair cut at the beauty salon (I usually cut her hair), a manicure, and a new outfit.  We also ate lunch at Panera.

Don't worry - Jonah had a special day with Pap - they shot the twenty-two and looked for deer in the woods with packed dinners.  It was quite the adventure.  I don't have any pictures... no girls were allowed.

Michael replaced this sound board and installed new speakers, a new drive rack, and more at Dad's church.

Some of you sound junkies might be interested in this part - I assume Michael took this picture for some important reason... [Michael's edit: this is because we're going to list the board on craigslist]

Billy got a MUCH needed wash.

And we were off!

On to far away places! 

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