Monday, October 14, 2013

The Enchanted Wedding

Jonah getting ready to cut a rug at the wedding.

Our reason for returning to St. Mary's County at this particular time was to attend the wedding of one of our dearest friends: Trish Cole.

Trish and I met during a production of her play, Butterfly.  I played Emily/David and the performance and process changed my life.  Since then, Trish and I have worked together in various other capacities and developed a truly wonderful friendship.   The entire family was looking forward to the celebration of her wedding.
Jonah insisted on getting a dress shirt and tie for the event, neither of which he ever owned before.

Maeryn got a new purple dress and used the mirror her grandma gave her to "put on her face".
We arrived early and took in the sites.  The wedding took place in Trish and Susan's backyard - and it was decorated like something out of a Midsummer Night's dream.  Twinkle lights strung across the grass, towers of edibles, tiny tents, and the huge moon rising with tranquil rest over the water.  Never has there been a more lovely array.

As the ceremony began, friends and family took their places before and after several wooden benches where those who needed to could sit to watch.

Maeryn didn't make it through the entire ceremony.  She wanted to talk... loudly... and commentate.  And talk.  LOUDLY.  So she and Michael exited to the parking lot.

In spite of this, we all felt privileged to be there for our friends.  And to see so many cherished faces in one place at one time.

Our Butterfly family - Sheila Martel (director), Trish Cole (writer), me (Emily/David), Jessica Magno (Barb), Gloria Ranta (Ruby) - I can't wait to get together with these ladies again and again.
After the ceremony, photo ops, and cake!  we all cut it up on the dance floor.

Our kids cutting it up on the dance floor.  I love weddings where people dance. 

Congratulations, friends.  You are beautiful.

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