Thursday, October 17, 2013

ARGH: The Aftermath

We stayed another night at Springmaid Mountain after our friends departed.  It was a melancholy time.  Walking to the deserted campground felt surreal after the constant ARGH activity.  Yet - it was peaceful to have an entire camping resort to ourselves: no motor sounds, no grind, no worry about people and how we'll be received... just restful quiet.  

Maeryn hung out at the bus all day while Michael worked.  Jonah and I went out for a walk.

I had seen this bridge every time we came to ARGH but had never ventured over to check it out.

The bridge was shaky!!!

Jonah wanted me to wait until he was all the way on the other side to cross - my weight shook the bridge a ton!

I took my time.

The creek below the bridge.

On the way back to the bus we stopped and chatted by the pond.
That evening, the whole family went to a farm to table restaurant in Spruce Pine (the nearby town).  We waited forty minutes for our food, but it was worth every minute.  The chef made special vegetarian dishes for Michael and me and special chicken fingers and fries that were allergen free for Jonah.  Maeryn was awarded plain noodles and baked chicken with basil and we all topped the meal off with bread pudding and vanilla ice cream.  

Part of me would like to stay here forever.  The serenity was so welcome.  I pray we will find more as we continue on our way.

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