Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spooky Camping

 After some pondering, we decided to spend our "downtime" in Kentucky (my mom's home state).  We found a decent camping spot in Boonesboro State Park for the weekend.  We were greeted by Vampire Tigger and Pirate Pooh, so we knew we'd picked the right place.

The whole park was decked out for Halloween festivities.  Even the camp store and office featured a thunderstorm soundtrack with "lightning" to match.  The lightning illuminated some ghostly faces in the top windows of the office.  Maeryn wanted to check it out, but it took some serious bravery to get all the way into the store.  When we finally made it she was quick to inform the man behind the counter that he had a "ghost problem". 

As night fell, we explored the numerous light and pumpkin displays provided for our seasonal enjoyment.  The one below was just across from the bus:

Plans for Kentucky:

-  visit relatives
-  chill out
-  try to visit Mammoth Cave

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