Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Dining Tarp

My dad really wanted us to have it.

Michael and I had talked about it a couple of times and decided that it really wasn't worth the money or the storage space it would require to have one.

But Dad thought it was a good idea.

And so we got an early Christmas present from Dad.

At first I was sort of bitter about it.  Glad that he'd thought of us, but bitter because of finding a place to store it and because thus far we really hadn't needed it, right?  So why more stuff now?

Then we set it up for the first time.

It was sort of like a dream.

Another room...  for any purpose we could want.  Not only a dining room, but a reading nook, a playroom, a clubhouse, a zen temple, a music room... the possibilities are truly endless.

And so, as usual, I am forced to step back and bite my tongue.

Because Dad is the wise one.  And oftentimes, I'm still the kid.

1 comment:

andekat3 said...

<3 U! Love the dining tent! It looks huge! I have dining-tent-envy. :)

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