Monday, November 18, 2013


Maeryn likes to compare us to birds, because we need to go South for the winter.

And it is time to move farther.

We left Great Wolf and started south, stopping to boondock at a Walmart on the way.

It is getting cold at night.

When boondocking, we have no heater, since our heaters are electric.  We've just got blankets and snuggling and waking up when it's really cold to let the bus idle while we get a little warmer.  There's also baking...sometimes with actual food in the oven... sometimes not (don't worry, we don't "bake" while we're sleeping).  The kids also have zero degree sleeping bags.

We like to boondock because the way we have it figured, we get to drive 70 extra miles for every night we choose not to stay in a campground.  And that's a lot of miles as we move across the country.  And so we do it.  Until we don't.

And tonight we will not be in a Walmart parking lot or a Flying J.  We will be in a cozy state park in the state of South Carolina. 

As we drove into the park I felt that old air of excitement.

I'm still mourning Asheville a bit, but driving into the park and seeing the salt blown trees and the wooden playground and the sunset over the ocean...  I just might be able to get back into the swing of this nomadic lifestyle.

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