Friday, November 15, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

The cutest cat.

Great Wolf is a fabulous place to celebrate Halloween - especially when you don't have your own neighborhood in which to trick-or-treat.  The Lodge is decorated for the season and they hold trick-or-treat every night in October from 6 - 8 PM all around the lodge.  Staff members dress in costume and hand out candy to each costumed kid.  Maeryn and Jonah were stoked - as you can imagine.  Their costume choices for this year:  Maeryn wanted to be a Witch Cat.  Jonah wanted to be a Wood Elf from Skyrim


Witch Cat

We used the elf ears purchased in Asheville and attached them with Spirit Gum.

He wanted to add a scar.

Jonah's costume mostly came from the local Thrift Store.  We used Michael's belt, a woman's size medium thermal shirt, and a huge crushed velvet brown shirt out of which I cut the sleeves and modified the collar.  We also got corduroy pants and sliced them up at the bottom.  I used my stage make-up to create the scar.

The kids together, just before we headed out.

The kids and me, in line for the Halloween Costume Parade.  Jonah is lugging his goodies.

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