Thursday, November 21, 2013

On the Beach with The Little

 Jonah was busy with Skyrim most of the time we were in South Carolina.  Maeryn... not so much.  She was more active than she had been in quite some time - wanting to go out and do things.  Wanting to see more and be in the world.  Michael and I were so happy to oblige.  

While Jonah chilled in the bus with his game, the three of us walked down to the beach.  

I highly recommend the beach in November.  Lovely.  Empty.  And the water is still warm on your toes.

While Maeryn looked for shells Michael snapped this picture of us at my request.  I love shadow pictures.

On the way back from our relatively short excursion, Maeryn found this flower and wondered what it was called.  I had no idea, but we snapped a photo and promised to look it up in our wildflower guidebook when we got home.

For those of you who were wondering along with us, it is called an Indian Blanket, and they dotted the coastline all over South Carolina.

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