Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Camping in the Sub-Tropics

We've stopped making promises about how long we'll stay any particular place.

Back in New England we always made reservations and decided if we would stay for a week or two weeks or three days.

We've learned our lesson.

There's simply not enough freedom in reservations.

It's funny.

I got a FB message from a friend about a Broadway play in NYC she wanted to see.  When I messaged that we should go and I would be willing to catch a train to meet her, she wasn't sure if I was serious.

Once you've been on the road longer than three months you realize that scheduling is what isn't serious.  When she said she had things on her calendar I had to file way back in my memory to remember the purpose of keeping a calendar.

There really is more freedom on the road. 

And very little obligation.

This has its good and bad points.  You miss people.  You miss the obligation to practice a craft.  You miss coffee and lunch dates with friends.  And I am certain that I will go back to a pretty rigid schedule once we settle down.

You don't miss having to say no to things because something else was "already on the calendar".  Instead... you go with the flow.  You go with the mood.  You move with the seasons.  You listen to your heart.  It's a privilege of full time travel.

And so we paid for one night here at Crystal Lake, and figured if we were leaving in the morning we'd better make the most of it.

The kids went swimming in the pool that was literally seconds from our parking spot. 

I joined them in the COLD water for about an hour and even got to swim some laps myself.  Then we had a picnic on the picnic table.

Michael did some laundry.

The dryer was out of commission, so we made use of the clothesline and hung everything out to dry.

Jonah and I watched some ducks on the pond and looked for any other prospective wildlife.

And the sun began to set behind the fertile and lovely orange tree planted just outside the bus door.

And there was freedom.  And beauty.  And peace.  

Another day.

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