Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hitchhiker Sam

This is Sam.

We saw him with a sign looking for a ride south a couple of days ago but we weren't able to stop and pick him up.

Today we saw him again.

And we were on the right side of the road and going in the right direction.

So we stopped and he hopped on.

He looked a little shell-shocked but was thankful for the ride.

We took him about forty-five miles closer to his destination while we chatted with him about his life and our lives and how they came to intersect.

Sam was hitchhiking to Key Largo to visit his grandfather.

He started his journey in New England and plans to hitch, travel, and work in that order for as long as God allows it.  So far he's hitched thousands of miles and walked for two weeks on the Appalachian Trail. 

We exchanged numbers and promised to give him another ride someday if ever our paths should cross again.

He'll be wintering in the Keys and working to save some cash to head west.

God speed, Sam.  God speed.

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