Monday, December 30, 2013

Into the Everglades

We'd thought about not going to the Everglades.

Because... well...  GATORS!


Jonah and I had snorkeled in the open ocean and were still alive to tell the tale...  so...  we could probably handle a few little gators.

And when might we get another chance to go to the Everglades?

So we went.

And heck, the Visitor's Center was worth the trip.

Not to mention the trail and the unbelievable amounts of wildlife.

See for yourself:

We figured it was best to go ahead and do this.

Because... if vultures are attacking your car...  you'd better have a tarp.  Maeryn helped.

Jonah was having sort of an off day.  He ran to the trail first, while the rest of us worked on the tarp.  He needed a little time alone.

This turtle was one of our first finds.  Not to mention the fish...

Like these wicked cool Gar.

Most of the animals seemed pretty acclimated to people.  This trail was well used.

Looking at YOU.

We spot our first Gator!

He was about as big as Jonah.  SNAP!

I tried not to totally freak out when Jonah leaned over a little too far.

The hunt for gators continued throughout the hike.  Maeryn and I kept out a sharp eye.

Rewarded with turtle spotting!

Kids found a ten foot gator chillaxing under the boardwalk.  They could see it through the cracks. 

I looked over for closer observation.

Another gator in the weeds.

Some scientists think this is how gators help themselves to cool off... the opened mouth thing... it's supposedly not a threatening posture.

Maeryn wanted to touch the gator with its mouth open.

If you forget your binoculars, just pretend you have some.

Telescopes are also good.

THIS would be the posture to avoid if you would not like to be eaten.  Tasty, tasty tourists with cameras...

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