Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Waiting for Thanksgiving

We had a couple of days to kill boondocking while we waited for Thanksgiving to come.

We had plans with a family from Fort Myers and it wasn't time to arrive yet. 

We were finished with the Everglades, so we started working our way up the coast - truck stop to truck stop, parking lot to flourescently brilliant parking lot.  And one lone BJ's in Miami where the police told us we didn't want to park at the Walmart anywhere near that part of the city. 

Oh...and did I mention we had ants?  A giant. invasion. of ants.

Maeryn drew this picture to reflect:

Those are the worker ants bowing to the queen.

Along the way we watched tons of movies, played lots of video games, read several books, played numerous rounds of Go Fish, and toured a few playgrounds and parks.

Our favorite was the day before Thanksgiving in Naples, FL.

Here are some scenes:

There was a spray park and we ALL go wet.  Even me.

This park also had a super cool bike path.  The kids and I took advantage.  We also bought a bunch of ant traps.  And wiped their trails with vinegar.  And tried to pretend they didn't exist.

At the end of the day we settled in for the night in a local parking lot and ate some homemade pizza.

It was really freaking delicious.

And by the time Thanksgiving Eve rolled around... our ant friends were mostly gone.

Thank God.

But that's Florida for ya.

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