Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Settling Debts

We were making a long haul away from Georgia when we realized that we owed someone.

Awhile ago our friends, Dani and Matt got married.

For their wedding, we wrote a message on our bus.  Some of you may remember.

As a result, a woman knocked on our door and gave us free Krispy Kremes to mark our blessed day...  as though we were Dani and Matt... which we are not...

But we ate the donuts anyway...

So we owe a debt.

It was about to be paid.

Michael pulled the bus into the Krispy Kreme parking lot and scuttled inside.

We had pre-purchased a wedding card and it was ready and waiting on the counter in the kitchen.

He hurried to the counter and purchased a Krispy Kremes gift card - good at any Krispy Kreme establishment.

Gift card + wedding card signed, sealed, delivered.

Mission accomplished.

This was also one of my best friend's birthdays.

So I bought a cappuccino, and had a drink for her.

Bottoms up, Summer!

And Happy B-day.

I know this picture totally made it for you :)

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