Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Day

Hannah chillin' with Jonah and Maeryn in F Section at Medina Lake

Even though we don't "do Santa", Maeryn is super into all things Claus, so we tracked him on NORAD.  It was sorta cool.  Especially when he got to the EST Zone and we watched him deliver presents to our Maryland friends.

Bedtime was tough.  Maeryn worried that no one would be able to go to sleep, consequently keeping herself up the absolute latest.

It all worked out in the end.

Jonah woke up early and made sure his sister didn't miss out on the festivities.

We all got more gifts than we ever had before including so many things to do in the bus: books, DVDs, portable games, fashion design tablets (there's a formal name for this that I just don't know), glitter pens - we saved all the gifts to open Christmas morning. 

The reindeer visited.  Srsly.

I said seriously.
We made cinnamon rolls.

Because Christmas.

Ummm...SO good.

We shared with Hannah and her fam.

The kids all ran down to the playground and "played on the cliffs" ("I thought you'd be so mad at us, Mom!  You're the coolest!").  

We recalled our family Christmas Eve sing-along from the night before - where Michael and I shared traditional Christmas carols and the kids made up their own Christmas songs and I enjoyed playing the egg shaker fiercely.  

Maeryn designed this dress for our friend Hanni.

And this dress for our friend Deborah.
And Maeryn and Hannah used ALL the glitter pens designing "universes".  

And all was quiet.

And all was well.

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