Friday, January 24, 2014

In Which we all get Terribly, Horribly, Tragically Sick

This is me on sick day #2.  I look fabulous.

It started with me coughing.

And it escalated into Jonah puking.  And Maeryn feeling crappy.

And yeah.  Michael avoided it for the first two days.

He made me tea and let me stay in bed and cleaned up vomit in the bathroom.

He took Jonah and me to the doctor as Maeryn seemed to recover quickly (she stayed with the amazing Aunt Lor).

This is us at the local Urgent Care.  Isn't it cheery?  Michael took this picture because he is evil.
Then Michael succumbed.

And we all laid around and felt generally crappy.

Yay, flu!  (with a side of bronchitis!)

Maeryn is not actually sick in this picture.  Just adorable.
We were more than a little bitter that we couldn't hang out with our friends.

So on sick day 3 I dragged myself and The Little to the Activity Center at the campground to chill with Hannah, Dylan, and Steve (Christy was doing laundry).

This is me on Sick Day #3.  I feel like absolute junk.  And I can't keep food down.  It is joyful.  But my hat and bangs are cute...

The Sickness lasted a full five days.

Jonah recovered faster than this.

Michael is still sick as I write this - but recovering... slowly.

Apparently the flu was really bad in Texas and a bunch of people died.

I'm glad we pulled through it relatively unscathed.

Except missing out on time with awesome friends.

But it's okay.  Goodbye is not The End.

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