Wednesday, February 19, 2014

An Afternoon with My Girl

Maeryn didn't want to go to the Desert Muesum yesterday.  Today she didn't want to go to Old Tucson.  We're trying our best to understand Maeryn's homebody nature and honor her wishes as much as possible.  Michael and I thought through it and checked things out online and decided that he would prefer going to Old Tucson and I would prefer the Desert Museum, and we switched off on two different days.  It worked out, and saved us money - plus Maeryn and I had a good time hanging out at the campground in the middle of the Desert.

We drew tons of chalk art on the road for our fellow campers to enjoy.  It was nice to get out the sidewalk chalk - we hadn't done much of it since the East Coast. 

After our chalk drawing, we decided to go for a walk in the desert sun.  We imagined we were explorers in the desert searching for treasure.

Yep, she was wearing heels.

We had to find a special key to unlock a treasure box.  We realized that the special key was actually a part of the sacred Golden Cactus, lost to humanity long ago, so we revised our search.  After a lengthy period and a treacherous climb down a mountain filled with slopes of the slippery-est kind, we found the Golden Cactus Arm, which doubled as the key to the treasure chest.  The chest was filled with emeralds, gold, and rubies.

We packed our find into our truck and drove it back to our base camp, where Maeryn wrote a story with illustrations discussing the entire adventure.

A good day.

Below are a couple of photos from Michael and Jonah's visit to Old Tucson:


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