Friday, February 14, 2014

First Arizona Hike: Jonah and Me

Maeryn had been doing better for two days now.  Things were finally calming down. 

We still were getting the run around from the heating people and our tenant had been cold for four days, but eventually we knew we would be able to put that behind us. 

We were staying at a state park in Arizona (close to the New Mexico border) where there was a sweet looking hiking trail up and around two mountains.  I asked Jonah if he wanted to go with me.  The hike was 3.5 miles - more than we could do with Maeryn, but totally doable for the two of us, and he agreed to come.

The sun was hot.

But it was a great hike.

The views were spectacular.

The colors here were different - much more alive than the desert in New Mexico.

We were thirsty and tired at the end, but both happy we ventured out into the wilderness... and that we didn't see any Gila Monsters.

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TCallihan said...

Ahh that Arizona sky!

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