Thursday, February 13, 2014

Test Results, Travel... Trying to Stay Positive

Maeryn's test results finally came.

Everything was negative. 

Which was a relief, because it meant we didn't have a parasite in our fresh water tank.  But she was still getting sick at night, so it wasn't perfect.  The doctor said to call if we needed to and that if things continued the way they were going to just keep her hydrated.  If things got worse, find a pediatrician.

So we left.  Because there really was no more reason to stay.

That same day one of our heaters broke.

And the pipes froze again.

And our tenant called from Maryland to tell us the heater in the house wasn't working on the coldest day of the year.  And it couldn't be fixed that day.  And the people would have to order the part.  And we couldn't get ahold of our property manager and it was going to cold $680 plus we'd likely be putting him up in a hotel for a night.  

Oh yeah, and the property management company's computer system was screwed up so we wouldn't be getting our rental payment and the mortgage was supposed to come out any day now.

So there was all that.

But we were moving on.  And Maeryn didn't have E. Coli.  So...


Better days?

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