Monday, February 10, 2014

Silver City; Still No Test Results

This mirror!  It was the reason I brought everyone back to this store.

On Saturday we got up and decided to check out Silver City as a family.  I was excited to show everyone all the things I'd seen, and of course it was day time, so Maeryn was feeling okay.

Also - she hadn't been sick Friday night, so we were all hoping maybe she had finally kicked whatever bug was in her belly.

I took them all around the city.  We got drinks at the local co-op grocery.  And I took them to the cool Mexican art store.  They all liked it just as much as me.  We decided that once we settle down we'd come back here and get stuff to decorate our new house.

I also loved these pillows.

And this St. Francis divider I saw just today.

That night Maeryn got sick again.

The doctor called and said one of the results were back and she was negative for one thing.  Still waiting on the others.

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