Friday, February 7, 2014


Friday is our pizza and a movie night.

We sort of wanted to go and see Frozen.  But it was an hour to the closest movie theater, and we weren't sure how Maeryn would do.

Again, during the day, it was impossible to know how she was truly doing.

We went hiking at another state park.

Jonah felt car sick (sickness all around again) so I didn't go on the hike.  I stayed back at the car with him while Michael took Maeryn, who, miracle of miracles, felt fine at the time.

They had a nice time, I think.

About five minutes before Michael and Maeryn returned from their hike, Jonah started feeling better.  We blasted P!nk and sang along.  Then we went to Pizza Hut.

So far, so good.

And the movie theater.  We were running late (the service at Pizza Hut wasn't the best), so we ran through the parking lot (Maeryn in heels) and grabbed our tickets, hitting our seats just as the opening credits began.  We'd only missed the previews.

That night, after the movie, all was quiet, and I realized it was the first time in about three weeks Maeryn hadn't been sick at night.  

I breathed a little easier.

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