Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Old Town San Diego (extremely picture heavy - apologies to those with slower connections)

Summer said we had to go to Old Town.

We weren't sure we would like it.

We were fools.

It's an old west town with all the old west flavor, including flavor for Mexico, as it was a Mexican settlement first not to mention Native American.  All the old flavors melded together to produce something truly glorious.

The first place we went after checking out a miniature diorama of the city was the candy store.

Maeryn was excited, as I'm sure you noted when you came to the blog today.

From the windows, we could see the workers inside making fudge and taffy.

Summer texted and told me I had to try a "cherry bomb".  She described it to me and told me it was somewhere in Old Town.



I admit it was a little much for me.

Everyone tried a little something special or new.

We sat on the deck to enjoy our treats before moving farther down the street.

There were a ton of free walk-through museums.

We went through the old courthouse, jail, and mayor's office.

We met bunches of vendors and enjoyed several new experiences.

We also went into a mining shop where we were able to see different fossils from the area, as well as an abundance of minerals, rocks, pinned butterflies, and jewelry.

Then Summer texted me again:

Summer:  You have to go to the Whaley House.

Me:  Where is it?

Summer:  It's down there.  Ask someone if you can't find it.

Me:  Okay.

Summer:  You have to go in there and tell me how it makes you feel.

Me: ...okay.

The Whaley House is America's #1 most haunted house.

I wasn't sure I wanted to go there.

But Summer hadn't steered us wrong yet.  Everything she'd recommended had been just awesome.

So we found it.  And Jonah went with me.  Maeryn stayed out with Michael.

It really was the creepiest place I've ever been.

As soon as you walk in the door the air becomes palpable.

The house was used by the town as a courthouse, a general store, and a community theatre, all while the Whaley's lived there.

Here's Jonah in the theatre.  It is said that ghosts often move chairs, props, and other furniture around the room.

This is a bedroom that belonged to the children.  

This was a guest room and the creepiest of all places in the house for me.  Standing here and looking inside, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.  The pictures seemed to stare at me and come to life.  Jonah wanted to go back downstairs immediately.

I snapped this last upstairs picture through the glass.  It's the creepy room from another angle.

As we were heading downstairs, I suddenly got a whiff of wood smoke, as though something was burning.  I found out later that many guests have this experience and it is a residual haunting from old energy when a fire may have broken out in the home.

The staircase is a place where many people have supernatural experiences.  We were not affected by the staircase.

The drawing room was the last we saw in the house.  The employees there asked if we'd like to see an album of photographs people have taken at the house of their experiences with ghosts.  Several were impressive photographs of spirits.

As we walked outside, I felt something peeling off of me, from my forehead to the bottom of my spine - it was strange and definitely spooky.  Others who have visited the house felt similar things on exit.

The house offers night time tours as well, for a higher price.

Of course I told Summer everything on the drive home.

Before we left we had to check out a few more market squares.

We got this cute doll for my mom.

And on the way to the parking lot, we grabbed some Root and Butter Beers from the Rootbeer shop near the exit.  

I think the kids enjoyed themselves.

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