Monday, March 3, 2014

Ant Invasion Part Deux

The ants came back.

We hadn't seen them since Florida, our last infestation.

Now, in sunny California, they once again marched up the fresh water hose and into the bus.

Jonah found them first.  They were everywhere.

We sprang to action immediately - Michael went to get new traps from the store, and I began cleaning all of the trails with garlic, vacuuming any stray crumbs, and taking out the garbage.

Jonah and Maeryn decided to make traps of their own.

Jonah's is pictured above.  It is made with grape a mason jar, grape jelly mixed with ant killer, and festive multi-colored straws (for the ants to crawl up!).  Tasty.

Maeryn took a different tactic.  Her trap (above, here) is made from a coffee mug, double sided tape, and sugar.  She planted sugar at the bottom of the mug, then lined the inside with the tape, so that when the ants tried to get to the sugar, their legs would stick fast, trapping them for eternity.

The kids made this trap together using double sided tape, a paper towel, and a piece of pancake.

Which do you think was most effective?

We left the traps and got the heck out of there.  Ants just make me insane.

We decided to go and check out the local Barnes and Noble.

Maeryn and I got smoothies and we all checked out a few books:

...just a few ;)

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Alex Murdoch said...

I recall coming back to the house after 2 weeks vacation only to find a parade of ants coming across the livingroom floor into the kitchen, up onto the counters and covering everything. I think they were Pharaoh ants. I traced their route to a ficus tree we had. There were thousands going up and down the trunk. I rushed outside holding the trunk and in the front yard the pot fell off and you could see the whole ant nest inside, Queen, eggs and all.

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